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Quarts and Pint pots - an ordinary tale of an everyday Tracked Transit System

To summarise, the carbody was expected to be a composite shell for which early indicative tests have been encouraging, and the internal and external materials will be chosen so that the spread of flame and the emission of toxic fume requirements will be met with the conditions applied in the concession - this will include decorative coatings. The fire performance of the rail car will be defined by a Chartered Fire Engineer and the train set placed into an environment where fire safety and security are strictly controlled.

The conclusion of this work, once complete, will be a more efficient and more frequent transit service, more happy passengers and less missed flights at least when air transport begins to pick up once again in future.

Thank you for your attention - if you have any questions please contact me using my email address at or by phone on + 44 7786790886.

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